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Former Member
Apr 06, 2016 at 11:20 PM

SMP offline cache


I have created a SMP application.I am facing issue in MergeEntriesFromFeed method call.The merge call is sucessfull without any error but its copying only 1 entry to the cache object and not merging all the entries in the feed to the cache.

ODataFeed* feed = [dataParser getFeed];

__block NSArray* entries;

NSError *errormerge=nil;

if(![appdelegate.cache mergeEntriesFromFeed:feed forUrlKey:[request.url absoluteString] withError:&errormerge withCompletionBlock:^(NSNotification*notif)


NSLog(@"%@", notif);

entries = [appdelegate.cache readEntriesForUrlKey:[request.url absoluteString] withError:nil];

}] )

Can someone please help in resolving this issue.

Thanks for your support in advance