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Apr 06, 2016 at 01:38 PM

Search ERP vendor in MDGS also displaying customers


Hi All,

We have Customer and Vendor implemented in our MDG box. Intially, it was only Vendor and there was no issue.

But now, once we also implemented Customer - we see that the Search ERP Vendor in NWBC returns an entire list of related Vendors + Customers, not exclusively Vendors.

This happens for Search ERP Customer as well -returns entire list of Vendors and Customers though the search was intended only for customers.

We already have enhanced the standard class CL_USMD_SEARCH_DATA_DB to filter the search results based on some custom roles, but not able to find any parameter to differentiate if the search was initiated for a vendor or a customer.

If anybody has faced this earlier, please provide inputs if there is any way we can differentiate (or) any other way the searches can be made mutually exclusive.

We are using MDG 7.0.