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Apr 06, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Error in ExcelTransform Bean


Hi Eng,

I am trying to implement excel to xml conversion from your below blog -

ExcelTransformBean Part 1: Convert various Excel ...

But After deploying it in my java stack I am getting below error and its deployed with warning as well -

Error while obtaining business methods info for bean*xml|Excel2XMLTransformerEJB.jar*xml|Excel2XMLTransformer. Most probable reason: application cannot be started. See logs available for this application.

These are the steps I have followed. I think I have done something wrong. Can you please help me -

1. Created EJB 3.0 project with name Excel2XMLTransformerEJB and added to EAR - Excel2XMLTransformerEAR

2. Added all required jars in ejb project build path.

3. In EJB project created one session bean (EJB 3.x) with name Excel2XMLTransformer.

Created normal class with below names -





4. Build the EJB project

5. My ejb-j2ee-engine.xml value -

6. My ejb-jar.xml value -

7. Export as SAP EJB JAR File

8. In EAR application-j2ee-engine.xml value -

9. Build and export as SAP EAR File.

10. Finally Run on server. its deployed with warning.

Can you please help me with the correct and exact steps. Its very urgent .Sorry I can send you direct message because of no direct connection.

Thanks in advance for you help.




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