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Oracle Upgrade 10g to 12c Pre-upgrade checks

Hi All,

Afraid it's me again with yet another question.

I have just ran the pre-upgrade checks as per the Upgrade Guide for UNIX and am looking at the resultant log and output.

It's complaining about the processes parameter being too low.

                          [Pre-Upgrade Checks]


WARNING: --> Process Count may be too low

     Database has a maximum process count of 192 which is lower than the

     default value of 300 for this release.

     You should update your processes value prior to the upgrade

     to a value of at least 300.

     For example:


     or update your init.ora file.

I have checked this parameter against both the 10g note and the 12c note and both say the same thing to calculate as follows :-


(#ABAP work processes * 2) +
(#J2EE server processes * <max-connections> ) +

So I double checked this and I get the following ABAP only,

16 WPs * 2  = 32

PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS (CPU Core Count (12) * 10) = 120

+ 40

So I get 192 which is exactly what is set.

So why is it complaining about it needing to be at least 300?

Also things like events and _fix_control amongst others below should these be removed just prior to the upgrade or can these remain and be checked/removed post upgrade?

_disable_objstat_del_broadcast = FALSE

_external_scn_rejection_threshold_hours = 24

_first_spare_parameter = 1

_fix_control = 13627489:ON, 5099019:ON, 5705630:ON, 5765456:3, 6055658:OFF, 6399597:ON, 6430500:ON, 6440977:ON, 6626018:ON, 6670551:ON, 6972291:ON, 7692248:ON, 7891471:ON, 9196440:ON, 9495669:ON

_optim_peek_user_binds = FALSE

_optimizer_mjc_enabled = FALSE

_sort_elimination_cost_ratio = 10



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    Apr 07, 2016 at 06:43 AM


    The "warning" with the processes is only that, a warning.

    the parameter is a bit small, even if you calculated it based on the note. That is because you have quite a low number of workprocesses (16, is it a test system?) and the result is smaller than the default value. You can leave as it is.

    You can leave the underscore parameters, they will be remove internaly by the upgrade. Nevertheless, at the end (after running the upgrade and the SBP scrpts) you will have to review if some of them are still valid on 12c

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    • Hi Fidel,

      Thanks for your response, I figured as much but just wanted clarification as it's my first Oracle upgrade and needed to 100% certain of the changes I needed to make before running the upgrade.

      Yes this system is a development system with limited resources.

      Thanks again