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Apr 06, 2016 at 11:12 AM

Query with structure as source for transformation



I am trying to build a solution where i use a Bex query with a structure as soruce for a transformation to an Advanced DSO.

I need to code a little start routine to sort out some data corretly. What I see is that each structure element from the Bex Query is transformed from the Enterprise id from the query to fieldnames like FIELDNM001, FIELDNAM002 and so on. I need to link these fieldnames back to the Enterprise ID of the bex structure definition in order to lookup the text for the structure element.

Is the link between FIELDNM001 and Enterprise ID stored in a table? or what is the logic in naming/numbering of the field names. In the definition of the source structure of the start routine the Enterprice ID Prefixed with @Q is there as a text line but i cannot reference to that in ABAP.