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Apr 06, 2016 at 10:07 AM

How to make progress in learning of ABAP?


Hi experienced ABAPers,

I am new in learning of ABAP language and I am confused about how I can make progress in learning of ABAP like

  1. What are the most important topics in ABAP that I should learn first?
  2. What are the topis anybody must learn to have a tight grip on ABAP?
  3. How should I practice the topics I learned?
  4. What are the good sources to learn ABAP as well as SAP because F1 help on keyword opens documentation which is sometimes difficult to understand?

Kindly answered my questions because In my opinion these are the questions every new folk in ABAP will have in their mind and your suggestions to these questions will save their precious time and help them to become more efficient in their initial phases of learning. 😊