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Upgrading to SAP CRM EHP4 - things to consider

Hello all,

If you plan to upgrade CRM 7.0 to EhP4, you should take care of certain things, like for instance, your custom-code as it can cause problems...

A series of repository objects in CRM (more precisely: in software component BBPCRM) have been renamed in CRM 7.0 EhP4, for technical reasons. This means that 1:1 copies of these objects have been created, and all usages of the original objects have been adjusted to the new objects. The original objects have been isolated in the new software component CRM_PLUS. A few of the original objects had to be deleted from the system.

There might be an impact on custom code: If a customer specific development uses one of the objects which were renamed, it is recommended to replace it with the new object. If the original object was deleted, this is a mandatory action. If the old object is still available, corrections and enhancements will only be performed for the new object as of EhP4.

For convenience, SAP Note 2215543 contains an attachment with all objects which were renamed in EhP4. This file also contains the information whether the old object still exists in the CRM server installation, or whether it was deleted.

Take care of your custom-code!

P.S. Feel free to continue this conversation and share the obstacles you have during the upgrade.

BR, Dima

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Jul 04, 2016 at 06:03 PM

    Hi Dmitrii,

    Thanks for a very useful information!

    Can you please provide more insight on the EHP 4 upgrade. We are currently on CRM 7 EHP 2 and planning to upgrade to EHP 4. We want to know what is the impact of this. And we are working on the Utilities industry, our main focus is on the ISU process and CRM/CS as such.

    How is the system effected after the upgrade?

    What are the major challenges while upgrading?

    What are the do and don'ts while upgrading?

    Thanks in Advance!



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    • Hello Raju,

      Direct upgrade from EHP2 to EHP4 is possible and it's not so difficult as from CRM5.0 to CRM7.0. ๐Ÿ˜ŠMost of the processes and customizing should still work, but you, for sure, need to test it carefully afterwards.

      Regarding dos and dont's, you shold carefully look after the chnaged objects (they are not lost, also information is not lost), look after after your custom-code and enhancements (they are active and working), desired business functions (already activated and teh new ones), do not forget to schedule necessary background reports afterwards.

      To save some time and speed up the process itself, we normally recommend to perform housekeeping of your system - delete and archive unnesessary data, remove duplicates perform database reorganization.

      You shoudl also check (and upgrade) connected systems, like ERP, BW and PI and kernels.

      Unfortunately I can not comment on the common issues, I do not have such information. But I would suggest to go to the latest support package (now should be SAPK-71403INBBPCRM) as major known technical issues should have been already resolved by this SP. (Never upgrade to SP0 or SP1, but SP3 shoudl be already fine! ๐Ÿ˜Š).

      With EHP2, 3 and 4 some nice featurease and some nice business functions have come. Please check corresponding Release notes. With EHP4 you will get NW7.50, which gives you much more power than before, especially with ABAP CDS (and HANA). So you may wish to implement new features and optimize your custom coding.

      Please carefully read SAP Note: 2171335 and upgrade guides, there you should find lots of useful information.

      I wish you a smooth upgrade!

      BR, Dima