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Apr 06, 2016 at 06:34 AM

Missing Document Numbers , though which have been posted



Though document numbers were saved by users but due to some reason it is not getting recorded/ updated in the SAP Tables (When we check in FB03 or in BKPF Table we find these documents to be missing).

In order to analyse as a whole , which document numbers were not recorded , we ran the report RFBNUM00N to get such gap document numbers.

With respect to above system performance issue we have 2 related queries:

(1) Since we are not sure on the data , we wanted to confirm which is the correct way of obtaining document numbers which have not got recorded in the given period only (since the program RFBNUM00N covers for the entire fiscal year & not for a specific given date period).

(2) More important query - how do we resolve this issue of missing documents (since according to users they have already posted this),

but it is not appearing in FB03 or in SAP Tables.Since this is quite urgent for us, would request if you can address the above issue as soon as possible.