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Apr 06, 2016 at 06:30 AM

Measure calculation results in Multivalue error or incorrect data


Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the SAP BO platform so it would be great if I can get some help on this.

I have 3 main objects, say Location, Type of car (amongst Mini, Sedan, Luxury) and Unit Nr (i.e. Unique Id of a specific car)

I have to calculate number of a specific type of car in that location and a measure Rental% [=(Mini+Sedan)/(Mini+Sedan+luxury)]

My table should look something like this :

Location Car type Count of car Rental% A Mini 2 A Luxury 1 B Mini 5 B Sedan 7 B Luxury 8 C Mini 3 C Sedan 1 D Luxury 4

I successfully created three measures for count of car for three types of cars using If([Car Type]="Mini") Then Count([Unit Nr]) and it works.

The problem is arising with the 4th column Rental%. When I use the previous count measures to create it's formula, all the records display 1.

Actually this measure is tricky because there must be one Rental% for one location, & the setup of the table is prohibiting that.

I tried using cross table as well, but it's not working.

I'd really appreciate any form of help on this. Let me know for ay ambiguity.

Thanks in advance !