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Apr 05, 2016 at 07:49 PM

TM-EM Integration issue


Hi Expert ,

I am just wondering why TM - EM integration scenario is designed in such a way , that if event is reported in carrier collaboration portal then event should be reported in TM and then in EM .

SAP could have designed the standard functionality so that although event is reported through carrier collaboration portal , still event should be received/posted in EM and then it should be reported back in TM through standard functionality .

In this way , we could take advantage of EM design concept before processing event message for example buffering event message and processing through batch job .

In current design , if carrier report event through collaboration portal , event is posted in TM and then received in EM . So even if we buffer in EM but till the time it is posted in TM and execution status is updated .

Is there any BADI in TM which can bypass posting event message in TM and directly send the data to EM and EM posting will update TM back .