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Former Member
Apr 05, 2016 at 04:58 PM

call bpm async


we are using nw ce 7.4 and need to built some bpm and the bpm willl be triger via web service from portal aplication. for performance we want to separate logic and split into multiple bpm so portal call main bpm and main bpm call other bpms async so they execute parallel (this needed for performance). we try do this using reference sub process but main bpm waits for sub process finish and this not good so main bpm take too long so now we have main bpm call other bpms. in main bpm we put automatic activity to call other bpm via web service but its not working. we get error in main bpm like this

"Please check the configuration details from the NWA. You may have not assigned the Service Group to a Provider System, or the generation of the configuration has failed."

i check other posts with solution but links not working. we need to know how to call other bpm async. kindly suggest me detail steps i need to do in main bpm and also configuration needed.

- deepti