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Apr 05, 2016 at 04:26 PM

Unable to get Data from dynamically loaded Datasource (HANA-Live View)



i'm trying to load datasources dynamically at runtime. Generally my source code is working.

SourceCode for loading the datasources:

SourceCode for visualization:

Comment: The script errors are normal, because the initial datasource has other measures than the dynamically loaded one.

When i use for example a crossstab and set the datasouce to the newly loaded one, the crosstab shows the correct dimensions, measures and values. But the KPI's have the value '0'.

But the getData-method of the datasource DS_1 throws the following error:

Is this a bug or what is wrong with my conding?

kind regards

Berndt Gernand

X-perion Consulting AG


SourceCode 01.PNG (22.0 kB)
SourceCode 02.PNG (23.7 kB)
GUI.PNG (26.0 kB)