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Apr 05, 2016 at 04:22 PM

Error max no of 100 conversations exceeded


Hi Team ,


BI 4.1 SP6 (Distributed environment on VM-Wares , 2 Application servers and 2 Tomcat servers)

BW 7.4

We got an error saying "Error max no of 100 conversations exceeded" in Webi built on .UNV .


As error says ,we thought issue is with BW connections and followed below thread to change BW settings .

In BW , max connections is set to 500 .

In SMGW t-code we observed there are nearly 100 connections running under BOBJ systems service account (service account is different from the user used in SAP authentication tab) .I believe service account is used to generate keystore and certificate .

we have deleted all the connections running with BOBJ service account and refreshed report , it was still giving same error.

After some research from logs we restarted Connection server 32 ,which made reports refreshing .

at first place why so many connections created under service account ?

Do we need to restart connection servers after deleting the connections ?

I would assume ,connection server is the one causing the issue and the webi error message just misleading us to look at BW end.

In this case , we are curious to know what could be the issue and what made the resolution ?

Thank you.


Error .PNG (99.8 kB)