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Apr 05, 2016 at 03:58 PM

OSS Note 676301 - Convert Import Document to Export - Uses Wrong Ship-to


We have a very unusual case, which we are having trouble fixing. Our stock transfer orders are using a FI payment partner function (FIDEB - customer) as the ship-to customer. Here are the steps we went through and when the issue started happening.

  1. We implemented OSS Note 676301 - Change Import Document to Export - so that our stock transfer orders (STO) would be converted to export documents when they transfer to GTS. There are about eight purchase order types that we implemented the conversion for. We tested in development and moved the transport to integration. It worked flawlessly and has been for several months. The line item plant is converted to the ship-to customer (partner function SH), and the vendor or supplying plant is converted to the vendor (partner function VN) and/or good supplier (partner function GS).
  2. At about the same time, we set up the transfer of FI outgoing payments to GTS. There are about six partner functions, which were set up to be screened in GTS. However FIDEB was not one of them. The configuration set up was tested in development and also moved to integration. It has been working for several months also.
  3. Per a new requirement, the partner function FIDEB was added to GTS as a partner function that GTS screens on payments. It was tested in development and moved to integration.
  4. All of a sudden, the STO in integration start coming across to GTS with the line item plant being converted to a customer with a partner function of FIDEB).
  5. In development, we backed out the GTS configuration that maps the ECC FIDEB to the GTS FIDEB and tested it. The STO's no longer come across with the ship-to customer set to FIDEB.
  6. We moved the correction to integration. However, the STO still are coming across with the ship-to customer FIDEB even though we have confirmed the GTS configuration is identical between development and integration.

Has anyone run up against such a case for the implementation of OSS Note 676301 where the wrong partner function is used for the ship-to customer on the STO?