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How do you add a customer satisfaction survey to an email template used for a workflow rule?

How do you add a link to a customer satisfaction survey to an HTML email used in a workflow rule?

I have searched the documentation. Under E-mail Templates in the Administrative guide it states, "for information about creating e-mail templates for use with workflow notification rules, see Workflow Rules Quick Guide". However when I search for that in the Administrative guide I cannot find it.

I find a section on workflow rules but it does not cover this. I found the process for adding customer satisfaction surveys to e-mail templates sent from marketing campaigns with a code snipet, but that is for campaign execution.

Best Regards,

Mike S.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 05, 2016 at 10:07 PM is a thread with the answer for anyone else interested.

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    Former Member
    Apr 06, 2016 at 07:38 AM

    Hi Michael,

    Since the correct answer is buried a bit deep within that thread, let me copy the steps here for everybody's convenience:

    • In fine tuning create a survey category, e.g. “Customer Satisfaction”, of type Satisfaction
      • Look for the fine tuning activity "Survey", and within it "Maintain Survey Categories"
      • If you don't see the survey category type "Satisfaction", you need to adjust the scoping and add the "Enhanced Marketing Functionalities"
    • Create a survey of category “Customer satisfaction”
      • Take note of the Survey ID.
    • Create a workflow rule of type Email
      • Define the condition (on create, on save, or scheduled) so that the email is sent when you prefer, e.g. 3 days after the ticket is completed
    • Create an HTML email template, with a placeholder with the format #SURVEYID#
      • e.g. #SURVEY41#, if the ID of the customer satisfaction survey was 41
      • In order to avoid showing the full URL in the email, you may want to embed the placeholder within a href tag
    • In the placeholder mapping, map #SURVEY41# to anything, it does not matter
      • e.g. to “Ticket ID”
      • Regardless of the mapping, the code will recognize the placeholder and replace it with a link
    • When the email is sent, the system will:
      • Create an instance of the survey
      • Generate the external link
      • Use it to replace the placeholder
    • Note that this feature only works for Email, not Notifications, as it is supposed to be used when communicating with external recipients

    Hope this helps!


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