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Apr 05, 2016 at 04:04 PM

Independent requirement reorganization with allocated quantities


Dear all,

I am currently working on an issue on our forecasting process.

To introduce, just a few words on our process and system. Forecasts are currently produced by a third party system and then transmitted to ECC through an interface (using S076 SOP table). Each week-end, a jobs resets the forecasts in ECC, takes the forecasts from third party into S076 and then creates independent requirements from this S076 SOP table. MRP is run by purchasing team at least once a day, as sales team inputs a great number of sales orders on short notice.

In the process, to reset forecasts before the job, we use program RM60RR20 (which is the exact same thing like tcode MD74). Yet, when running the program, independent requirement which have an allocated quantity (i.e. have a sale order covering at least partially the independent requirement) are not set to zero but rather to the allocated quantity. Therefore, even if the third party system sends zero as forecast for this date, ECC still has an independent requirement.

This is usually no problem to us, as even if the requirement is here, MRP results are ok as the independent requirement is the same like the sales order.

However, it happens quite often that sales team deletes or reduce quantities in sales order. Whereas our forecasting process is weekly, purchasing team runs MRP at least once a day.

The result is:

- if a sales order is saved in the system the friday, for delivery next wednesday (for example, 100 packs)

- forecasting system computes a forecast of zero for wednesday during the week-end.

- ECC does not delete the previous independent requirement for wednesday, but rather reduces it at 100 packs.

- Monday morning, sales team cancels the sales order.

- Monday afternoon purchasing team runs MRP: the independent requirement of 100 packs is still here and taken into account by MRP, whereas forecasting system had computed a quantity of zero.

My question is: is there any way to set independent requirements quantities to zero even if there is an allocated quantity (i.e. a sale order) for each requirement?

Thanks for your insights!