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Apr 05, 2016 at 09:08 AM

Batch duplication in Production order during automatic Batch Determination



We have activated Automatic batch determination on FIFO basis for production order.

Scenario 1

It is working fine. We are facing an issue when the component is repeated in production order with same quantity same batch is determined even though the batch doesn't contain required quantity.

Scenario 2

We created a production order and determined batch at component level again when we create production order and determine batch system is determining the batch which is previously processed in the early production order.

How to restrict if a batch quantity is determined for a production order and batch quantity is fully required for that production order it should not be determined in the other production order.

The stock for the batch is determined in first and the same batch is determined in the second production order too.

Kindly suggest method to restrict.


Prashanth CN


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