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Apr 05, 2016 at 08:25 AM

Formatting long text in cells across page breaks.



BOE 4.1 SP5 patch 2

I am having trouble when trying to format a cell which holds a string which can be up to 9000 characters long. The string holds free text so it has line breaks included.

The problem is that if the size of the cell is bigger than the space left on the page it starts on a new page (I can live with this) but if the cell is bigger than a page then it is split. On the first page you get a the cell showing data up to the end of the page and then on page two you get the rest of the data. All good so far but the problem I then have in some cases is that on page one the last line only shows the top half of the text and on page two the first line is the bottom half of the text from the previous page. This is further compounded when in some cased the last line of the cell only shows the top part of the text. There could also be cases where the last part of the data is not shown at all. Example shown in attached file.

When in Webintelligence the formatting seems to be OK but in InfoView or PDF you get these issues.

Any help in how I can correct this formatting issue will be appreciated.