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Problem while Posting a Transaction


I am trying to send a whole Object property in a Edit transaction (Just like standard WorkOrder Post).

But in my Object I have two custom Object properties (one is a External Data property and the other is a Embedded Image property).

While Posting this transaction I am getting a strange error. (I have attached the screen shot of the error).

It seems like while posting a whole Object in a transaction, if that Object's direct Properties or child properties contains any embedded Image/ External Data(which are left empty), then the frame work throws an error like the one that is attached.

But this seems not right.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?


Madan KM

Error.png (17.9 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Apr 05, 2016 at 11:47 AM

    What device and version of the Agentry client are you using?


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  • Apr 08, 2016 at 02:59 PM


    Quick question on your issue above? Is your posting tied to a completed workorder? Did you try attaching an image when the workorder is already completed (removed from the client - in the sequence of steps)? I stated removed as the order or sequence of events, if you attach or edit a transaction that is already posted as completed in the backend, in theory the object will be removed from the device including all its properties.

    So to fix something like this a reorder of sequential of steps may be needed to make sure the attachment occurs prior to the completion of workorder status.


    SAP Mobile Support Team

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    • Madan,

      Hi. I spent some time looking for this KBA and I cannot find it. This means it may not be published or released or I haven't written it up yet or filed it in a different subject header or I cannot remember the authors name (looked at over 10 authors) or it could be sitting in my Microsoft Outlook email messages. All I remember is that on one of the temporary directory where most of the temp (tmp) files are stored during transmit (each transmit a tmp file will store the data for external data property - normally tied to an attachment - these tmp files are internal temp files which may grow if not checked), the directory is filled with too much of it and nobody can work with those documents or images tied to external data property. But I cannot find it right now. If I find it I'll try to go back to this discussion and paste it.

      If your issue exist in multiple devices then the theory of the tmp file may not be your issue. It may be a client issue that was just introduced.

      Was this technique working before in older SMP 3.0 SDK? Or was this only tested in newer versions (WPF Client in a Windows 7 Laptop)? Another SMP 3.0 SDK SP12 release is coming out ~ approx in 3rd week of April (depending if it passes QA). My suggestion is if this issue occurs in SP12 then it may be an issue. Another technique is to see if this issue occurs on an SMP 3.0 SP08 (most of the newer products of SAP has a lot of test done on SP08 - this includes attachment or images). I am wondering if this issue occurs in older SP08 or if it was introduced in the newer SPK versions?

      I noticed that you have an incident in SAP talking about this same issue as mentioned above (you opened an SAP incident). With respect to the incident, any issues tied to the issue needs to be proven and an Agentry.db or reproduction steps to connect to your environment is minimum needed to get the WPF client team to look at it closely. But what can help is my question/recommendation above (normally dev team will ask you to try the latest and if it still fails on the latest to get more information on how to reproduce internally in SAP).


      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer