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Apr 05, 2016 at 03:46 AM

How to differentiate local and global variables/filters in BW BEx



I have created BEx Query, it's contain one global variable/filter and 4 variables of type customer Exit.

I written code for customer Exit variables and the value for variable is also populating but the data is not displaying as per customer exit variables.


Suppose if i pass value to global filter variable (cal year/month) = 201504 the value for customer exit here month is 4 so it is 2nd Quarter so i need to display data for total 2nd Quarter i.e from month 4 Th to 6th .

so the customer variable of type Interval/range ...value is 201504 to 201506 this value is populating but in the restriction key figure data is not displaying .

Here problem is due to Global variable filter the local customer exit variable values data is not displaying in the report.

Please help me ,Thanks in Advance.




BEx Error.png (35.1 kB)