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Apr 04, 2016 at 09:31 PM

Maintenance Planner Stack Calculation for EA-HR 608 and SAP_APPL 618


Hello all,

I'm trying to setup my first maintenance transaction via Maintenance Planner (I have been using the old Maintenance Optimizer for years). I have finally managed to get the current system details, including support pack levels, correct in MP, and now I'm planning for an upgrade of an ECC system, with HR, from 6.04 to 6.08.

When I get to the Select Files step to select stack-dependent files, the tool doesn't seem to show me all of the applicable software components. I see some of them, such as SAP_BASIS 7.50, SAP_AP 7.50, and SAP_HR 6.08. But, I don't see anything for SAP_APPL (which I was expecting to see in 6.18), or for several others. Also, no EA-HR 6.08.

Sure enough, when I click the button to Add HR Packages, I'm offered the SAP_HR 6.08 support packages and the EA-HR 6.04 support packages. I am quite certain the EA-HR is supposed to be version 6.08 as well.

I have worked pretty hard to get the system details correct in the tool before starting the planning transaction, so I'm a bit mystified as to why it only offers me half the required components, or components in wrong versions.

I'm close to writing it off and going back to the dreaded MOpz, but I think I read somewhere that MOpz doesn't support upgrades to EhP8, only as far as EhP7. I haven't verified that yet.

Any advice out there, or pointers for where I might have gone wrong? Or is the tool experiencing some bugs?

Tagging @Dieter Braitsch as I believe he may have experienced something similar.