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Add/Delete delivery of already planned shipment


I have business case in which the user should be able to add/remove delivery on already planned shipment. The standard SAP functionality is not allowing this due to the leg determination during the planning. In the case this is not affected by the planning. Is there a way this restriction to be overcome? Modification and clearing of i_xvttk-stdis in LV56EF01?

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2 Answers

  • Apr 04, 2016 at 07:01 PM

    Is there any particular reason why the user cannot reverse the planning completed status, add/remove the delivery and plan again?

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    • Yes. To be able to reverse the planning completed status, all subsequent statuses should also be reversed and posted again. With this reverse/re-post all statuses dates and times are also changed which is changing the history. For example last minute decision of the customer to split the delivery in two because 2 delivery places will result of change of all posted dates for loading start/end, check in and etc.

  • Apr 04, 2016 at 07:48 PM

    You can add/remove deliveries in a shipment when the truck is still physically in the plant, so the maximum status could be loading started at that point in time.

    If you have to change what is going to be loaded and delivered, this also affects the time to ship the products and potentially (with certain transport optimization products) the time and needed equipment to unload at the customer's site, so it makes sense to adjust planning.

    Anyway, you can still change the dates/times in the shipment (at least in my sandbox it is possible).

    If your client uses some dates in the shipment for other purposes - e.g. populating z-tables or sends messages to external systems at certain shipment status, it is a bit tricky, but is probably manageable.

    If you just need to short-pick some of the delivery items, this is also possible with an exit adjusting delivery quantity to the picked quantity and thus deleting or reducing part of the items at loading end. Then you can decide what to do with the remaining goods - leave them in the warehouse or transport them separately.

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    • From what I remember, in DSD (I am not working with the solution right now), there was an option for the driver to add unplanned visits from a mobile device to the tour, record odometer readings, perform visits for activities like surveys (no stock involved) etc.

      If your client is happy with the current solution and does not require additional features or more transparency in the processes, then investing in add-ons or in expensive development projects will not add business value.