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Selecting multiple filter values for a dimension in Design Studio SP3 P1 using setFilter

Feb 07, 2017 at 11:10 AM


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Hi Team,

I am trying to select multiple filter values in our application using setFilter function but are not able to achieve the desired result. I have passed the filter values as an array of values but the data set is not filtered. Please let me know how this can be achieved.

I am trying to apply the filter in the following manner so that data for both US and UK is displayed.

DS_1.setFilter("COUNTRY",["United States","United Kingdom"]);

The syntax for the Filter data type does state that this should be possible but it is not working for me. Please let me know if i am missing anything.

"Specify filter values as follows:

  • For a single member, specify the internal key, for example "US".
  • For multiple single members, specify an array of internal keys, for example ["US", "DE"]."

My Design Studio version is 1.6 SP3 P1 and i am using a CSV data source.

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The help says the syntax will work if they are internal keys - are "United States" and United Kingdom representative of internal keys?

Are you using the wizard/control-space to help your selection?

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Tammy Powlas

Hi Tammy,

Yes, the data selection was correct. The problem was because of using the wrong component, which is resolved now.

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Mustafa Bensan Feb 07, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Hi Saleh,

Setting multiple filter values via scripting is definitely possible and should be achievable by specifying and array as you indicated. Can you clarify how you have created the CSV file? Did you export it from an existing data source such as BW, HANA or a Universe?

Perhaps if you attached your actual CSV file we could try to replicate the issue.



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Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for looking into this. I was actually referring to the wrong component in the script.