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Copying delivery customization from client 000 to an existing client

The scenario is this, we have taken an HSC of our PRD system to build a new sandbox in our N+1 environment.

We have an existing client 100 in this environment, that contains already customizing (from our productive system, which the business has adjusted for this new sandbox, as appropriate).

One of the requirements for the new system was to install Dealer Business Management, and we have done this and have activated the BC sets. We find that there are customizing objects that the DBM installation delivered to client 000 that we now need to copy to the *existing* client 100. The config guide states this is the case, but does not provide specifics on how to move the data into an existing client.

I am thinking that might could use SCC8 and export the *existing* customization from client 100, then do the same from 000. I'm thinking I then can apply the transport from 000 to 100 to bring in the delivery customization, then use the transport from 100 to 'overlay' the existing config - but this would completely overwrite the customizing - correct?

If that is not an option, perhaps we can use the transport from the 000 customizing to create a new transport with just the DBM objects included? That sounds tedious but I am not sure there is another way.

The situation is that I want to bring in the configuration from the DBM delivery, but not adversely impact anything already in existence.

I know how to copy into a completely new client, but the goal is to copy the customizing into an *existing* client.

Is there a better suggestion on how to do this?

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1 Answer

  • May 11, 2016 at 01:10 PM

    Ultimately we created a transport to add the delivery customizing objects to, which worked but seems to be very inefficient.

    General question - when an add-in delivers customization to client 000, and you are installing the add-in into an existing system with existing clients, what is the expected means to migrate that customization into an existing client?

    Having to do this manually seems wrong, tedious and prone to error....

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