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Apr 04, 2016 at 01:39 PM

log a list of active windows/objects?


Hi All,

We have a application also run in windows sheduled tasks to do some automated tasks. On some tasks, the exe is not shutting down after his work and we don't know why. If the exe is stopped in a Windows session, there is nothing to see(no window, nothing in Win bar) except the exe in the task manager. The close event from the application is not executed and when we added a 'halt close' in the last function: the close event is fired, but the .exe still hangs. It's happening in less then 1% of the runs and it's hard to reproduce.

Can the application made a list of valid objects/windows when he has done with his jobs? If we log this, it maybe help us to find what the exe is prevent to close.


- invisible sheet window?

- timer?

- geturl? is used for downloading pdf's,

- ???

Powerbuilder 11.5 build 4608

SQL server 2008 R2 (SQLNCLI10)

run on windows server 2008 R2