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Apr 04, 2016 at 01:06 PM

Where can I get documentation on Sybase "TDS" proxies?


Does anyone know where I can find documentation on the Sybase "TDS" proxy which allows clients, using the Sybase JConnect 6.0.5 JDBC driver, to remotely access a database?

It also allows users with an ODBC-JDBC gateway (provided by vendors including EasySoft and Merant) to load data into ODBC-enabled applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Each inbound connection, via the proxy, creates its own new connection to the database and does not use the standard pooled connections.

Back in early 2012 further technical information from Sybase regarding this feature used to be found here:

Does anyone know where to find it now?

Thanks in advance,


(apologies if this is a duplicate post - I cannot find the one I posted last week)