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Apr 04, 2016 at 12:03 PM

How to use WEBI operator "NO FILTER" in Bex Query Designer?


Dear Gurus,

Could someone please explain how to use "no filter" operator from Webi in BEx Query Designer?

Customer is comparing webi and Bex report and we are not able to find a solution for the difference.

We have a Formula which is working fine when there is account,product, classification and calendar day is in characteristics,

Out of stock formula = Inventory < Treshold

Account Product Classification Calendar Day Out of stock (Formula) 801 121 A 01.12.2015 0 801 121 A 02.12.2015 1 802 122 B 12.02.2015 0 804 123 A 25.12.2015 1

Now they are removing drill-down for account,product and calendar day in webi


Classification Out of stock (Formula) A 2 B 0

BEx Report output

Classification Out of stock (Formula) A 0 B 0

the formula they are using in WEBi is as below

Sum((if[inventory]<= nofilter([Treshold]) in ([Account];[Product]) Then 1 ForEach([Calendar Day];[Account];[Product]))

Also they have suggested to use context on Account,Product and Calendar Day.

Please help how this can be achieved.


Karthik Kurpad