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Apr 04, 2016 at 09:02 AM

SFC closed when closing the Shop Order



I realized a problem when we try to close the Shop Order. We have the system rule "SFC Status on Shop Order Close" taking from the Global rule, which was 405. I understood it means, when we try to close the Shop Order, all the SFCs which belong to this Shop Order and not in DONE status will change to the DONE status in the system.

We have one SFC which was InQueue at one operation, when we close the Shop Order, the SFC was marked as DONE status, we checked it in the SFC report, while we go to the SFC Step Status report, we found the SFC is still InQueue at that operation:

SFC report:

SFC Step Status:

The problem now we have is that, when we put the Shop Order back to Releasable in the Shop Order Maintenance, the SFC status is not changed back, and we also cannot change the SFC status in the SFC Step Status, because it throws the exception: Inventory ID for the component is invalid (Message 13209).

Please advice this is a bug or not, if not, how can I change the SFC status back.

The system is ME


SFC report.jpg (138.7 kB)
SFC Step Status.jpg (128.6 kB)