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Apr 04, 2016 at 06:00 AM

Batch Inconsistency - which Table to check


Hi Team,

I am using Mvt 309 type. While copying from source batch to Destination batch however my destination batch is inconsistency.

  • Source Batch Details.

Material - X

Quality (Characteristic) - A ( A value is maintain in classification view , class type 023)

Batch - Batch1

  • Destination Batch Details.

Material- Y

Quality ( Characteristic) - B ( B Values is maintain in classification view, class type 023)

Batch - Batch 2

As we have char. values A in material X and when all values of batch1 is getting copy to Batch2, value A is trying to get updated in Batch2.

In Material master of Y , we have already value B so its not getting updated in Batch2 and Batch2 is in consistency.

Manually, I can go and click on inconsistency (in msc2n) an delete the old value i.e. A and update the new value B. However I have multiple batches like wise.

I want to know any T code/Table where we can see the batch which are inconsistency. I have checked BMCC,BMBC , INOB,MCH1 but its doesn't work for me.

Please help to know on this.