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Stuck with parallel export/import

Dear experts,

I decided to test what does it mean to perform a system copy with parallel export/import and now I am

completely stuck due to a stupid windows error !!

I am using 2 Windows 2008 R2 VMs with MSSQL Server 2012.

I am using a directory from the source system, which I have mapped as a network drive in the target

system. Everything seemed to be working, somehow, until the Import ABAP phase started. It immediately

gave me an error about the migration key, which immediately made me very suspicious. After carefully

checking logs, I saw that sapinst is switching to the <SID>adm user in order to execute the R3load command

for checking the key and it gives some permission error.

I have launched cmd.exe under <SID>adm and I was shocked to find out, that the drive X: under which

I have mapped the shared folder from the source system is not present !!!!

I was checking different permission things, up to my modest Windows understanding (I am a unix guy)

and on the original system it has all the permissions for Everyone...

I connected with mstsc.exe to another session as <SID>adm. The X: drive was not there, I attempted to map

it again, it somehow showed the mapping as already existing, so then I started to see it in my RDC session,

BUT ONLY THERE !!!! The session where I have sapinst running still doesn't see X: under <SID>adm !!!

I have tried to launch Explorer under <SID>adm and try to map the drive once again from there, but it

doesn't work:

C:\>runas /user:<SID>adm "c:\windows\explorer.exe /separate"

Enter the password for <SID>adm:

Attempting to start c:\windows\explorer.exe /separate as user "HOST\<SID>adm" ...

well, attempting is fine, but nothing happens then... :-(

Also, another plague that's been tearing my nerves is, that many many times the sapinst window is just

disappearing, showing the following error in the sapinst console window:

Apr 3, 2016 1:59:51 PM [Error]: Closing connection. Reconnect is possible.

and then I would need to launch sapinstgui.exe again in order to get back in the game. I have been googling

for this and I didn't find any solution :-/

Please kindly advise on how to proceed ?

Many thanks in advance!

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2 Answers

  • Apr 03, 2016 at 10:20 PM

    Btw. I have restarted and I am now resuming under <SID>adm

    Drive X: is visible and I am still getting the same stupid error :-(

    And the file itself is totally readable:

    C:\import>type \\NWS\DATA\ABAP\DATA\ATAB.TOC

    vn: R7.20/V1.6

    id: 56f8e53f0000003a

    cp: 4103


    tab: [HEADER]

    fil: ATAB.001 1024

    1 1

    eot: #0 rows 20160403105054

    tab: ATAB

    fil: ATAB.001 1024

    2 38513

    eot: #1915414 rows 20160403105316

    eof: #20160403105317

    So, the problem must be somewhere else :-/ Thanks for your suggestions!

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    • OK, I solved it in the end by disabling the UAC of windows !!!

      BUT I have one more question, perhaps you could answer this - when doing parallel export/import, I have seen somewhere, the one should select to start the migration monitor manually.

      Why that ? I am testing it now and it works well also when it starts automatically...

      Can you please advise on that one ?

      Many thanks in advance!

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    Former Member
    Apr 05, 2016 at 07:23 AM

    Hi Experts ,

    I am planning to Perform the Parallel Export/Import for first time . I would like to know exact steps needs to follow . I have gone through SAP guides but not clear too confusing.Can some one please guide me below process is correct or not ?

    1. Run the step export Preparation in  Source system (Is it Mandatory or optional ?)

    2. Run table splitting ( If you have larger tables ,our DB is larger so i will go with step)

    3. Run DB export in Source system.

    4. Export Directory should be shared with target system( NFS or NAS or FTP our case planning for NFS)

    5. start the import on target system ,as soon as db export is started in source system after the file structure is created in export directory.

    My question is , is it compulsory to start Migration monitor manually ? in source and target system  and also on target system can we install DB - Oracle in first before import is started to save the time.

    Any more ideas and experience please share ..

    Thank you very much in advance .

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    • Hello,

      one more addition from my side... DBSIZE.XML can be made available in advance by running the preparation phase of the export.

      And if the import monitor is set to start automatically, it just sits quietly waiting until a *.SGN file (as mentioned above) becomes available.

      Thank you!