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Apr 04, 2016 at 01:15 AM

Partner type for applicant no.


Hi there,

I have a requirement to record the project applicant number as a partner to a PM order.

Also i need to record external responsible person as a partner as well. that external person doesn't exist as a vendor. Business just want to capture their name (free text).

Tired config VOP2, but the available partner types are:

A Work center AP Contact Persons KU Customer LI Vendor LS Logical system MA Mail Address MP Mail Partner O Organizational Unit PE Personnel Number S Position US User VS Shipping Point WK Plant

And non of these give me what I need.

I tried to access WE44, hoping to create new partner type. but system doesn't allow me to switch to Change Mode.

Please advise is it possible to capture project applicant number or/and free text as partner?