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Apr 03, 2016 at 11:57 PM

Liquidity Planner - Receivables information given outside the SAP (Legacy)


Hello experts!

I need a help to set the process cash flow Planned and carried out within SAP.

In the implementation in question, the management of all receivables (accounts receive SAP- AR) is administered by a legacy.

This legacy includes only an accounting lot (Equity Accounts) of receivables and lower portions and makes no reference to customers (SAP AR)

Knowing that the Liquidity planner uses as determining retroactive intelligence, ie, a common process it requires the posting (AR) Customer so that you can identify the Cleared posting and not Cleared what would be my Workaround for the LP find the forecast and held cash flow information, through the Accounting Lot.

I try all this transctions and no success

Origin C

  • FLQQC1 Create a Query
  • FLQQC3 Display Query
  • FLQQC5 Assign a query to a query sequence
  • FLQQC7 Test a query

Origin D

  • FLQQD1 Create a Query
  • FLQQD3 Display Query
  • FLQQD5 Assign a query to a query sequence
  • FLQQD7 Test a query

Thank you very much in advance