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Sales Order Not Updated in Doc Flow - Adhoc

Hello Gurus,

This is to get myself clarified on a strange behavior which I have observed in the production system.

We have created a sales order / delivery & Invoice.While checking through a customized report we found that no sales order no is maintained against two invoices (amidst 30K invoices). We checked why this sales order no is not updated by checking on to the document flow of the invoice no. To my surprise , I was not able to see the sales order which is linked to that invoice. Neither the VBRP table nor the VBFA is updated for these two invoices (means there is no preceding document when i check this invoice as a follow on document)

Got no idea how this has happened. As you are all aware , we couldn't create the outbound delivery without referring to a sales order , when the outbound delivery is shown in the document flow , also we are not allowing the deletion of sales orders unless the succeeding documents are cancelled / come the sales order went missing in this list , what might be the cause of this issue. Can you please advise with your expertise/experience?


Safeer Rahman

P.S : this issue is observed only for two invoices , so i don't think this is an issue related to any copy control settings. Excuse me of those suggestions please.

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3 Answers

  • Apr 03, 2016 at 04:24 PM

    For now let us assume that:

    • your setting for Order required in 0VLK for this delivery type is X-sales order required;
    • that there is absolutely no way to add manually an item to the delivery without referencing a preceding document in VL02N or via any standard transaction accessible by an end user;
    • none of your colleagues had an incident related to these documents and fixed the issue via FM/ direct update;
    • no new developments imported recently, which manipulate document flow, add/delete items etc.

    Do you see the preceding document number in LIPS-VGBEL?

    Are the statuses in the sales order updated correctly?

    Did you notice something out of the ordinary in VL22, or in the change log for the sales order?

    Probably it is a bit too late for that, but maybe you can still check ST22, SM13 around the time the delivery was created.

    There are some reports such as SDVBFA01 and SDVBFA03 (which can also be run in test mode).

    Sorry for not posting links to the respective notes for them... sap notes search today is really slow.

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    Apr 04, 2016 at 10:20 AM

    Dear Safeer,

    Good Day!

    points came into my mind and i have faced this type of issue.

    1. 1. If you want to find out sales order number goto invoice no 90031139 and double click line item in item detail right side below you can see sales order no and delivery no.

    1. 2. User have created sales order and reference to sales order he have created delivery and invoiced. Then he cancelled the invoice and reversed the delivery and deleted all line items for delivery no 80026799. So if you delete all line items in delivery note then automatically the connection between sales order and delivery will gets cut. Another way you can check goto vlo3n enter delivery no and environment à changes and execute so which user deleted the line item it will show the history.

    1. 3. There is another step you can create delivery withour reference to sales order. Its delivery type “LO” goto ovlk and check out “LO” delivery type and see order reference order required is no preceding documents required.



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  • Apr 04, 2016 at 04:06 PM


    As suggested by Veselina check the SM12/ SM13 for any lock entries which would have effected the updating of VBFA table entries.



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    • How could lock entries in SM12 possibly cause something like this? If there was a lock then the user would just get a message that document X is locked. It's not what Veselina was suggesting, as far as I see. And even if she was - why would it need to be repeated? I'm confused...

      @OP - there is definitely something strange going on, but I'm afraid you'd need to dig a bit deeper in your own system and reach to the SAP Support in the worst case. Such "oddball" questions are never resolved just by asking on SCN, in my experience.

      Try to get some assistance from an ABAPer or a Basis admin locally as well.