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Apr 01, 2016 at 06:29 PM

Dynamic image won't display - Different circumstances


VS2013 application using CR_for_VS_13_0_16.compiled in .net Framework 4.0

I am using a parameter to pass the graphic location to the report. This works on the development PC but fails on 2 different test servers hosted by different companies. In the MS-SQL database I only carry the logo file name. Because I host in more than one location, I build up the parameter value by using Server.Mappath() along with the file name in my code and I come up with the full physical path of the graphic. (That is also how I load my reports). I have qualified the resulting path by displaying the parameter on the report itself, then drilling down in the web site control panel to see that the graphic exists. I have also confirmed that the web user has read capabilities to the graphic.

I have used Fiddler and it shows ;:[{&#39;paramName&#39;:&#39;pLogo&#39;,&#39;description&#39;:&#39;Enter pLogo:&#39;,&#39;valueDataType&#39;:&#39;s&#39;,&#39;value&#39;:[&#39;E:\\HostingSpaces\\paulray\\<myserver>.com\\wwwroot\\sites\\ct\\images\\db-edit.bmp&#39;]

I am not sure if the double hacks are the issue (\\) and not sure how they get doubled?

This is how I pass all my report parameters.... NOTE: sLogo is the qualified URL to the graphic


Select Case crParameterField.Name

Case "pLogo"

Dim crParameterValues = crParameterField.CurrentValues

'' Destroy the previous instance and create a new instance.

crParameterDiscreteValue = Nothing

''Set the current values for the parameter field

crParameterDiscreteValue = New ParameterDiscreteValue()

" Pass parameter if not NULL

If Not sLogo Is DBNull.Value Then

crParameterDiscreteValue.Value = Server.MapPath(sLogo)


crParameterDiscreteValue.Value = ""

End If

''Add the first current value for the parameter field



Keep in mind, it does work locally. Also I think I have read all the other posts but could not come up with anything.

Ideas? Thanks in advance.