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The Company Code is not getting assigned to Profit center while creating CR in MDG-F

Hello All,

I am very happy that I could find many blogs for MDG-F and I have been referring them too. Today I came across one incident during testing and I spent much time to solve it, but I could not.

The Financial accounting Governance was already implemented by my Manager and now I am implementing Financial controlling governance. So I had to skip many configuration steps to implement cost center and profit center process in MDG-F.

Below are the steps which I customized. I am creating CR for new profit center and I could see that the Company code is not getting derived/assigned.

Configured Steps:

Step 1 : I checked the data model, entity types, BO types and relationships and the relevant configuration for cost and profit center is in place already.

Step 2: I have customized the CR types (The CR type for profit center creation is YGT_C061) and assigned the workflow WS60800086. This workflow basically controlled from BRF+ workflow specialist and he assigns the user ID's for creation or approval of CR.

Step 3: Priorities, statuses, reasons for change request were already in place.

Step 4: I customized the step "Define Change Request Steps for Rule-Based Workflow" for all the CR types.

Step 5: The customization related to Data replication is done and it works according to requirement.

Step 6 in ERP: The company code is assigned to Controlling area. The cost center and profit center accounting is also active. Additionally, I had also created the cost center and profit center standard hierarchy in ERP for the controlling Area, to which I am creating the profit center in MDG-F (NWBC 7.0) .

We follow two step process (first step - create CR and second step - Approve CR) in MDG-F.

I am creating the CR for new profit center, but the company code is not being derived in the first step. I could see the option "Edit", but it is grayed out and no other way to assign it in first step. However in the second step (in approval step), we are able to edit the CR and assign the Company code to it.

Note: I have also tested by assigning the workflow WS75700040 to the CR type YGT_C061, but the same issue. The company code is not getting derived in profit center during CR creation.

Could you please suggest if I have to customize any additional step, in order to get the company code assigned to profit center during CR creation in the first step?.


Damodar Naidu

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1 Answer

  • Apr 04, 2016 at 08:07 AM

    Hello Damodar

    1. Check your edition first. Company code should be part of it.

    2. Check the CR type and make sure all the PC related entity types are added. PCCACC has to be there which is related to assignment of company code.


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    • Former Member Damodar Naidu Paladugu

      Hi Damodar,

      Please check the class CL_MDGF_GUIBB_PCTR method HANDLE_COMP_CODE_ASSIGNMTS.

      Put a breakpoint here and try to debug during creation