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Apr 01, 2016 at 02:21 PM

Purchasing process for "by-products"


We have products like USB sticks that we purchase from supplier. On the PO, we prefer to indicate just a single material (USB stick), but the supplier always sends us two boxes: one for the USB bottom and the other for the USB cap.

I would prefer to store these as separate materials with their own SU's in WM.

Before they are brought to Production, the material handler needs to assemble the USB stick from the two components.

Our production system is not SAP. We get the 'production order' via custom interface, and in that production order I'd prefer the PP system to just ask for the single USB stick. I'm open to some sort of MRP/BOM explosion to inform Logistics that two materials are needed for the 'kitting' process. The interface is technically just doing a goods issue of raw material, but I'd be open to changing the interface if, for example, a production order was truly required to make this work. (But my preference is to avoid any sort of 'order')

Would somebody be so kind as to outline the basics of how to set this up? I'm very comfortable with MM, WM, MRP.

Thanks, Vlad