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Apr 01, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Is SAPcryptolib supported for standalone JCo RFC client?


Hi there,

I need to use SNC in a standalone JCo client for network security reasons. I am specifically not looking for end-to-end authentication involving Kerberos or some such. However, I need to support SNC on both Windows and Linux platforms.

1. Does SAP support the use of SAPcryptolib for this?

Search turns up conflicting advice. For example, FAQ no. 6 on the SAP JCo Service Marketplace page hints that this is a supported scenario:

The communication between SAP JCo and an SAP System can be secured via Secure Network Communication (SNC). For this you need the SAP Cryptographic Library.

There also seem to be some middleware products on the market that have documentation which I think implies that their SAP adapters internally use SAPcryptolib.

On the other hand, many posts by knowledgeable people like Wolfgang Janzen and Tim Alsop (but mostly rather old ones) indicate that SAP supports the use of SAPcryptolib only in scenarios where two server components (i.e. SAP J2EE Engine, SAP-System ABAP Engine, SAProuter, etc.) are communicating with each other, and that SAPcryptolib is not supported to be used as an SNC library for frontend components such as RFC-based clients. For any such SNC activity one would have to get a third-party product that is compatible with SAPcryptolib.

Can anyone clear up this muddle for me? No guesses, please.

2. Additional question (guesses appreciated): Even if this scenario were not supported for SAPcryptolib, would it probably work in practice?

Thanks a lot,