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Former Member
Mar 31, 2016 at 09:40 PM

Line Item Dimension modification -> empty dimension


Hi everybody,

I applied following modifications to an infocube:

  • I removed "Line Item" setting to a dimension with a single characteristic inside (DOCUMENT NUMBER)
  • I added new fields to this dimension
  • I set this dimension as "high cardinality"

In development system the infocube were empty and I had no problem in this activity.

When I transported this modification in quality environment, I noticed that Document Number field become empty. And if I:

- launch a query with no drill --> TOTAL = 100

- apply the drill on document number field (or other fields that were added to this dimension)

- No data is returned (also the total = 100 disappears)

Watching in detail, the problem is that the dimension table is now empty:

- before transport, there was a dimension table with 2 fields that mapped exactly 1:1 fact table with infoobject sid (and so, the sid value in FACT table was the same of the sid value of the infoobject and in dimension table, every record had exactly the same value in both columns)

- after transport, dimension table was extended with new fields but become empty (and so there are no more values that matches the dimension table with infoobject sid)

- watching fact table, sid values still exist

There is a way for having again this field populated in the infocube? or do I necessarily have to:

- Move all data in a second cube

- Delete data from original cube

- Transport modifications

- Move data again in the original cube

Thank you for the support.