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Mar 31, 2016 at 07:03 PM

Problem with the SAP Best Practice Import into a project (Solman 7.2)


Hi To all,

After I successfully implemented SAP note SAP Note 2194123, but still I do not have possibility to download complete SAP best practice. During My download I was able to download part of the Best Practice. After fetching SAP Best Practice from i got the error like is presented in the below picture.

In the Solution Documentation all processes are fetched from the ,

but when I assign this solution to the my project I expect to have all tasks available and from the SAP Best practice but this is not the case. Results are presented in the below picture.

In the associated solution you should have project link (picture above )in our case project "Best Practice " should be listed, but this is not the case!!!!

According to the note 2194123 I created all necessary steps and when I do the connection test in SM59 I will got this error

Maybe this SM59 connection test is not proper for the HTTP connections if not how is possible to test this type of connections?

My SM59 RFC connection is following :

When My S -user is logged into the I am able to see following menus

I do not know where is the problem either my s- user does not have proper rights on or something else is missing 😔 ?

Please advise

Thank you in advance for your effort.

Boris Milosevic