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Mar 31, 2016 at 01:00 PM

Back to Back sale order with item category TAB confirming sch.line CB


I have a scenario.Have B2B sales order with many line items and with item category TAB and Sch.Line CB for all those items. Upon saving the sales order it creates PR(which is standard). Its also confirming schedule line while saving the sales order.

Purchase order is created subsequently against the PR. Many time it happens that we do not receive all the materials in PO together.hence, MIGO will be done as and when materials arrive and that will be supplied to the customer.

My requirement is that SO should confirm schedule line only after GRN is done against the PO.

Currently while creating the delivery system propose all the line item from the SO to DO though the material has not received against all of them. User has to delete all the line items in DO for which material has not arrived.

Query -- how system confirm schedule line even before material is received.