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Mar 31, 2016 at 11:57 AM



Hi All,

I have a specific requirement wherein while doing GR against Purchase order the delivery note field should become mandatory and it should be based on some conditions like for eg. plant, movement type etc. for this I am planning to maintain these entries in Z table and if the condition is met like If GR against P.O is done for that plant then the field delivery note should become mandatory, if not satisfied it should not be an mandatory.

In order to achieve this I think I can make use of the BADI-MB_MIGO_BADI and this badi will get triggered only the condition maintained in the z table is met.

But my question here is since the MIGO transaction has many functionalities and many movement types like 101, 102 etc.,

I need to know which parameters I can maintain in z table other than mentioned above to make this delivery note field mandatory to be used as optimum for my requirement. I need this field to mandatory only for movement types 101, 102 and for few plants and not for all plants.

Also there could be the case that same plant will have scenario of delivery note mandate and non mandate case. In such scenario what parameters in Z table could exactly trigger the BADI. I hope plant and movement type will not be sufficient.

Kindly throw some light.