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Mar 31, 2016 at 07:09 AM

Work processes going in ENQ and system is getting slow


Hey Experts,

Hope everyone is doing great,

I have noticed that once in every month whenever i checked my SM66 i see my work processes going in ENQ and my system is getting slow.

I always try to kill the long running ENQ processes but nothing happens system doesn't come in normal state and for this reason i always need to take a downtime and restart the system again.

We are having ESS MSS running in our system with 3 R3 Application server and 5 Java application server.

I have checked the lock entries there are only 38 lock entries this time when i checked.

Can anyone please help me analysing this issue.

I want to know why this happens once in every month ? and what can be done to avoid this situation ? and if this situation arises what can be done to make system normal instead of restarting the SAP.

Please help me.

Thanks and regards,



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