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Any way to fix the note implementation status?

When implementing the note 2237417 it complained that the note 2050349 is incompletely implemented in our system. The log for the note 2050349 does not show any incomplete correction and actually states that I confirmed the implementation (screenshot below). Yet the status is "incomplete".

If I try to change the status, I get the message SCWN203 ("note incompletely implemented"). Per SAP KBA 1805929 the "solution" is to deimplement and re-implement the note ("have you tried turning it off and on again?"). This would not be a problem if we didn't already have at least a dozen notes on top of it with the changes in some of the same objects. So I'm a bit concerned that if I try that then we might end up with the old version of the programs and be forced to re-implement all the subsequent notes. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) This whole collection of notes for eAccounting is such a hot mess, so I really don't want to go there.

I'm not sure why the subsequent notes never complained about 2050349. Didn't even know it was incomplete. The affected programs are working fine. We only need the latest note 2237417 and don't want to touch the old note 2050349 since there are no signs whatsoever that anything is wrong with the implementation.

I found a post mentioning a bug in SNOTE and correction note 1685578, but it's not for our release (we're on 701).

Any tricks to fix the note status? Or some work-arounds to push the new note without it?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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    Mar 30, 2016 at 09:20 PM

    I'm afraid you're in for a wild ride. Welcome to my world! I've had to go through this kind of exercise more than a few times, including the one I recently blogged about. I guess this is what you were referring to in your comment there?

    Step 1 is to implement (or, if implemented, ensure it's up-to-date) Note 875986. This is the "master" Note for SNOTE for releases up to 7.02. Take care, it has a lot of manual steps that must be done in the right order, including some references to other Notes you may need to manually apply or update. 875986 is updated regularly -- it's currently in v109, dated 12/31/2015.

    You may then be able to hit the "implement" button on your troublesome Note and see if it corrects the status. Probably it won't, however. But, it may then offer to de-implement the Note, and then when you agree to that, it should stop with an error in which it will tell you which Notes are in your system that depend on this one. So, you can "walk back the cat" and iteratively figure out all the Notes that have to be removed before you can remove this one, then update all of these Notes and re-implement them, in order.

    I notice that 2050349 has a bunch of manual steps, including a precursor Note that includes a process for a bunch of DDIC updates. That may be difficult to undo. You may not need to, but I would be very certain of your backups before starting, in this case.

    Be aware that there is a recent SNOTE patch that will disable the ability to de-implement Notes. Instead, when you try, it stops you and says "Contact SAP Support." This is apparently because a number of customers have gotten themselves into trouble trying to do just what you want to do here, and AGS has had a difficult time resolving the situations. So, they'd prefer to be brought in early and perhaps head off a mess. Personally I'm dubious of this, but that's only because I have an inflated sense of my own over-arching competence in these matters. 🤣 In most cases getting them involved when it's a sticky mess is probably a good idea.

    If you're feeling especially daring and willing to insert breakpoints and use the debugger on SNOTE's code, check out Samuli Kaski's blogs (How to force SNOTE to apply outdated SAP notes, How to force SNOTE to reset SAP notes that can't be downloaded) for some hints on where to get in with your scalpel.

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    • another interesting note status for many of them is the (temporary) 'not released' status or incomplete when you are trying to download it or when the note is 'completely implemented' when the code is still having syntax issues due to missing active objects.

      this will change to a different status when you try to download it again in the future or a predecessor note is implemented whose objects are completely activated.

  • Apr 13, 2016 at 07:03 PM

    Well, my procrastination paid off and I got lucky on this one. SAP issued yet another note for the same report as in the allegedly incompletely implemented note. So I just installed 2237417 and then 2237420 on top and now everything seems to be peachy: the old note is now set to "completely implemented" and we have the newest report version active. Phew!

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