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Feb 27, 2006 at 02:36 PM

Problem with JMS Correlation i Async/Sync bridge


This is my scenario:

I’m receiving a request message from the JMS-adapter and forward this via a async/sync bridge to CRM. I’m using a synchronous proxy in CRM. I want to send the response from this proxy back to MQ via the JMS adapter and put my original JMS Message ID in the JMS Correlation ID in the response message.

I’ve read about how to configure this in the pdf-document “How to Correlate JMS messages”.

I did as suggested and that is as follows.

1. In my receiver channel I set the Correlation Setting “Set XI Conversation ID To”=JMSMessageID.

2. In my integration process (“async/sync-bridge”) I set the Conversation ID in my async send step to the Conversation ID of my request message.

3. In my sender channel I set the Correlation Setting “Set JMSCorrelationID To”=XI Conversation ID.

When I test my scenario I get the following error:

“New JMS message cannot be correlated with the XI message although it is configured. Unable to set because correlation value is null. Correlation rule: XI_CONVERSATIONID, correlated property: JMSCorrelationID”

I thought that my Conversation ID should carry the value of my initial JMS Message ID. I know that this is not null.

Can somebody please help me?

Kind regards.