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Mar 30, 2016 at 05:10 PM

SAP Agentry {Eclipse Editor} - Transaction Validation Rules


A = Current Date B = New Date

1. How do you a create transaction validation rule to compare two fields with NULL dates?

Logic: If A & B are blank then a warning message should be fired upon validation rule execution.

2. How do you create transaction validation rule for two fields with dates that are less than?

Logic: If B is NOT Null and A is Null -> B < sysdate; Null value for A is allowed ..... warning message {older date than sysdate/current date}

If B is Null and A is NOT Null -> Null value for B is allowed .... warning message {No new date entered}

If B is NOT Null and A is NOT Null -> B < A ...... warning message {New date is less than current date/sysdate}

3. How do you create a transaction validation rule for a given fiel with greater than?

Logic: If B > sysDate (current date)