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Mar 30, 2016 at 01:34 PM

SLED lost during HU transfer via VLMOVE


Hello Friends,

Using VLMOVE we are transferring a Handling Unit from One Storage location to another. Process is 311 Transfer Within Plants (between storage locations)

The material is not batch managed. Material master has correct SLED parameters maintained. HU at the source location before transfer also has SLED (LQUA-VFDAT). Now when we transfer the Handling Unit to another HU managed storage location the SLED is lost.

Under the node – Logistics General : Batch Management : SLED : Set Expiration Date Check

a. Plant is set for BBD/ProdDT

b. Movement Type 311 is ‘No Check’ for SLED

If I set 311 to ‘1 – Enter and Check’ ; during VLMOVE I get an error message to enter the Production date. This appears to be an incorrect behavior as the SLED should be same as it was in Source location

I need your suggestions to carry out HU transfers between storage locations using VLMOVE without losing the SLED.

Thanks in advance.