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Mar 30, 2016 at 10:50 AM

Using Responsive Layout in content of sap.m.CustomListItem


Hi All,

I have to use sap.m.CustomListItem in my fiori app in the detail app (of a spliatapp) to display details of material with images. Since there would be lots of fields to display along with image , I am planning to use a responsive layout to align all the control properly within the CustomListItem. Since most responsive layout make use of Form , I guess I will need to use that

But when i checked the API lib for CustomListItem , I see the following note which says Forms are not recommended to be used as content of CustomListItem. If that is the case , how are we supposed to manage the layout (with responsive property) of the contents inside the CustomListItem.




custom_list1.JPG (34.9 kB)