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Query in Master recipe phase relations with type SS and SF

Dear PP experts,

I am trying to understand the Master recipe phase relation type SF (Start- Finish) and SS (Start- Start). I have 2 operations / phases in the master recipe

Operation 0030- Phase -0020

Operation 0050- Phase -0040

I have created a relationship for the phase 0020 as follows

View of relationship - SUCCESSOR (Indicator active)

Type of relationship - SF- (start- Finish)

Successor phase - 0040

offset duration - 2days

If I create a process order in COR1 with scheduling type - Forwards, the operation 0050- Phase 0040 is getting scheduled with latest start date as 12.04.2016 and the operation 0030- Phase -0020 is getting scheduled after 3 days with latest scheduling date as 15.04.2016.

My expectation was that the operation 0050-Phase 0040 should start first and the operation 0030- Phase -0020 should get finished after the operation 0050- phase 0040 as per the offset period. Please let me know if my understanding is correct

Also please suggest how we can simulate and understand the system behavior for these relation types


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1 Answer

  • Mar 30, 2016 at 10:29 AM


    Please refer this useful SAP help link,

    Relationship Editing - Master Recipes (PP-PI-MD) - SAP Library

    • SF relationship

    Relationship from the start of a phase to the end of the next phase

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

    SF relationships are rarely used in practice. You can override an SF relationship by representing the phase sequence with FS relationships.

    Try the FS relationship with positive offset time

    Best Regards,


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    • Hell Balakrishnan,

      Finish-to-start (FS) is the most common relationship which means you cannot start next activity unless you have finished the previous one, example could be you cannot serve food on plate unless you have cooked it.

      Start-to-start (SS) in this the two activities can run in parallel, but the second activity needs to wait for the first one to begin, it's not necessary they start together. So in a restaurant you need to wait for the cooking to start before you start arranging plates to serve it on. LOL... I like it where its going

      Finish-to-finish (FF) in this the next activity cannot finish unless the first one has finished, however they can run in parallel and its not necessary they finish together. Going back to our restaurant, plating and serving the food on table can go hand in hand but you cannot finish serving activity until you have done plating ..pheww

      Start-to-finish (SF) in this the second task cannot finish until the first task has started. however they can overlap or the second task can finish before the first task.. so you cannot bill the customer before you have severed him..he will be pissed..