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997 Ack from Client

Hi all,

I am new to B2B addon's ,

I have one doubt regarding 997 acknowledgement generating.

I have scenario like client will send EDI850 mesg --- PI --- ECC,then next From ECC -- PI--- client will send 997 regarding EDI 850 and next will trigger 855 and 810 mesg to client .Then client will generate 997 (855,810) -- PI --- ECC.this the scenario. for this I am maintain 2 scenarios.

1st scenario for incoming EDI850 mesg to PI to ECC:

flow 1:client (as2 channel)------PI------Edi separator(997 required)

flow 2:Edi separator -------PI------------ECC(IDOC)

flow 3:Ediseparator--------PI-------------AS2(997 mesg to client)

2nd scenario for outgoing EDI855,810 to client.



My doubt is:

1st scenario it self i am picking the data from client using AS2 channel for either EDI 850 or 997 and i put the 997 as required in Receiver EDI separator channel for 1st scenario in 1st flow. so when ever client will pass edi 850 i will generate 997 to client regarding edi 850.

so some times client will generate 997 to us for related edi 855 and 810. this 997 will pick 1st scenario 1st flow through AS2 channel then it will pass to Receiver Ediseparator channel , but here receiver ediseparator channel i maintain as 997 as required under ANSIX12 tab .so again 997 will generate to client ??? or it will skip the process or it will wont work ???

please clear my doubt.



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1 Answer

  • Mar 30, 2016 at 09:22 AM


    you can suggest you customer to stop sending 997 for your 855/810.

    do you want to consider 997 at ECC level? if yes find the case 1, else case2 and case 3 are optional.

    case 1.

    usually inbound 997 required to reconcile at ECC end for outgoing message 855/810 accepted/rejected through inbound 997. you can create a RFC for inbound 997, and finally your scenario will be.

    for 855 --> IDOC------PI------AS2(855)

    for 997 --> AS2 - > EDISeparator

    EDISeparator -> RFC

    so create a EdiSeparator sender channel for inbound 997 and fill only receiver IDs.

    note: pass your IDOC number in GS06 element, and you'll get the same in inbound 997, so based on IDOC# you can store the status in RFC, and do study on 997 transaction set that will helps you.

    2. case 2.

    pass your inbound 997 and to server and create batch program to delete the 997 file every day.

    for 997 AS2 - > EDISeparator

    EDISeparator -> File

    3. using TPM you may achieve this issue, but i'm not sure. lets wait for others comment.

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    • Former Member kavi tha

      You should not ask the client to stop 997 because of this technical issue. 997 is always recommended unless your business specifically says it is not needed. It is better to receive 997 in PO and ignore if not needed.

      You should have a dedicated scenario for receiving 997s and disable 997 for a 997 there.