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Capacity Requirement using finite scheduling

Dear All,

On any work center (labor oriented), if one particular person is absent on any particular day, System should reflect his absence to the work center. Hence available capacity has to be adjusted automatically accordingly.

Example : If 3 persons are working on a particular work center, available capacity will be 3 X 8 hours = 24 hours.

But if any one person is absent that means, available capacity 2 X 8 hours = 16 hours only. So that, whenever planner is working on capacity planning, system should considers 16 hours as available capacity.

Questions 1 : How work center available capacity gets adjusted, if one or more persons are absent? Where can we see this capacity adjusted?

Questions 2 :: Can we assign multiple persons to a particular operation in Production order ?

I would appreciate your great replies



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2 Answers

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    Mar 30, 2016 at 09:12 AM

    Hello Raghuram,

    The available capacity w.r.t. no of people is handled through no of individual capacity in the cap definition of a workcentre.

    Now in you case you would have defined no of individual capacity as 3. In the capacity definition screen click on change intervals button, here you can have a capacity definition with a validity date and you can adjust the individual capacity for each date range.

    So every day update the workcentre when your resource is absent, this will reduce the available capacity for that day. If you can plan leaves in future you can do that also.

    Having said that, this capacity data is useful for planning and don't you think it will be too late by the time you know the resource is absent, to adjust this and replan. As by this time you need to execute and what ever is not executed is a backlog and should be re-planed in the next planning cycle.



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    • Former Member Raghuram Chandrapati


      I am assuming that you are a PP consultant of some kind. If so, you already know the answers. If you want to do Capacity planning in any form, YES, configurations are required.

      I don't know the details of your business requirements. From the sound of it, you are not talking about a couple of tweaks that you can get from an SCN forum. You will need to assemble a team and go through an entire project evolution, using ASAP or similar method. I can say with some certainty that some enhancements will also be required.

      As mentioned by expert Abhishek, if you don't want to do any manual interventions, ANYTHING in SAP can be automated, provided you have a reasonable business requirement and unlimited resources to work with.

      Best Regards & Good Luck,


  • Mar 30, 2016 at 03:06 PM


    Note that at the time you know that one person is not working, then it is too late to adjust the calendar of your work center. When this happens (when you know that 1 person is not going to work) then you already have the production orders scheduled..

    So it would be better to reschedule your orders on a weekly basis in order to adjust the time of your orders.

    Kind Regards,


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    • Hi Raghuram,

      You can schedule automatically an order upon creation, but I don´t think you can re-schedule the orders previously scheduled automatically. At least I don´t think it is possible in SAP PP.

      You can do something like this in APO PPDS.

      Kind Regards,